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New Passport Requirements

Most of the information below should be the same however make sure you look at the new information on the home page and follow the link to for the latest news on passports as of September 1, 2005

Starting December 31, 2005, the United States government is introducing new passport rules. Don't risk disrupting your travel plans! If you are planning travel for 2006 or beyond, please take a minute to review the new regulations below. If you don't already have a valid passport, be sure to avoid the rush and give yourself plenty of time to apply for one. Once you've got a passport in hand, the whole world is yours to explore.

The new U.S. passport regulations will take effect gradually over the next few years:

By December 31, 2005, passports will be required for all air and sea travel to and from the Caribbean, Bermuda, and Central and South America.

By December 31, 2006, passports will be required for all air and sea travel to and from Canada and Mexico.
By December 31, 2007, passports or other accepted travel documents will be required for land border crossings to and from Canada or Mexico.
By January 1, 2008, all Americans departing and returning to the United States will be required to have a valid U.S. passport.
U.S. Citizens
For information on obtaining or renewing a passport, visit the State Department's Website. U.S. passports are valid for ten years, so the initial cost averages out over subsequent vacations - especially if you cruise frequently.

Non-U.S. Citizens
You will need a valid passport and, in some cases, a visa. If you live in the U.S., you will also need the original copy of your Alien Registration Card (ARC or "Green Card") and any other documentation the countries on your itinerary require due to your alien status.

For all sailings ending on June 25, 2005, or later, citizens from the Visa Waiver Program countries will require a machine-readable passport valid for the duration of their voyage. These countries include:

Andorra Luxembourg
Australia Monaco
Austria The Netherlands
Belgium New Zealand
Brunei Norway
Denmark Portugal
Finland San Marino
France Singapore
Germany Slovenia
Iceland Spain
Ireland Sweden
Italy Switzerland
Japan The United Kingdom

A machine-readable passport has a code like this on the bottom of the picture page:


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